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Ep. 54: Oscar Nunez & Molly Knight

Strike up the band! It’s a music-filled episode of Go Fact Yourself! Oscar Nunez  is best known for his role as Oscar Martinez in the classic NBC comedy “The Office.” Between its original run on television and streaming distribution on Netflix, it’s earned fans of all ages. Oscar will tell us all about some of …Read More

Ep. 53: Gareth Reynolds & Ali Spagnola

Slackers of the world unite! Fire up your flux capacitors! “Go Fact Yourself” has trivia that spans the timeline this week! Gareth Reynolds is best known as one of the hosts of “The Dollop.” It’s a podcast that shares stories from U.S. history in a fun and engaging way. That includes some less savory information …Read More

Ep. 52: Jamie Loftus & Craig Shoemaker

Click your heels three times and remember there’s no place like home: “Go Fact Yourself” is officially the greatest trivia show on ice! Jamie Loftus is a comedian and a host of “The Bechdel Cast” podcast. Her show is all about analyzing film from a feminist perspective. One movie that holds up surprisingly well under …Read More

Ep. 51: Charlie Hankin & Kitty Felde

Perfect your comic punchlines and read up on your history for this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Charlie Hankin is perhaps best known for his comics in The New Yorker magazine. For you aspiring cartoonists, he shares the secret to getting your work in the famed publication. He also discusses how he’s already walked away …Read More

Ep. 50: Jesse Thorn & Kelly Hu

It’s the 50th episode of Go Fact Yourself! And we’ve got a t-shirt! To help us celebrate, we’ve brought on Maximum Fun founder, Jesse Thorn. These days, MaxFun is known for dozens of quality podcasts. But in Jesse’s early days, he recorded the talk show that would become “Bullseye” in his apartment. The humble beginnings …Read More

Ep. 49: Atsuko Okatsuka & Joel Stein

FINALLY! An episode of Go Fact Yourself that celebrates trivia AND elitism! In July, Atsuko Okatsuka had perhaps the most on-brand experience that a comedian can have in LA: she got on stage ready to perform right as an earthquake struck. She’ll tell us about why she was so poorly equipped to deal with the …Read More

Ep. 48: Jenny Jaffe & Jim Rash

Mysteries will be solved and species saved on this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Jenny Jaffe is a comedy writer who grew up with an obsession for 90’s Nickelodeon animated shows. Her career has now come full circle: she’s landed a gig to writing for the upcoming version of “Rugrats!” She’ll tell us about that …Read More

Ep. 47: Adam Conover & Jill-Michele Melean

This week on Go Fact Yourself, it’s not just a game of trivia: it’s a game of hardcore roller derby AND a game of Super Mario! You probably know Adam Conover from his TruTV show, “Adam Ruins Everything,” where he uncovers the complicated, and often problematic, backstories behind topics like voting, football, Hawaii and more. …Read More

Ep. 46: Quinn Cummings & Greg Behrendt

Whether you’re in the mood to surf some waves or binge some TV, this episode of Go Fact Yourself is for you! As an actor, Quinn Cummings saw success at an early age. She was nominated for an Oscar for her role in the film The Goodbye Girl. It was a great experience, but one …Read More

Ep. 45: Peter Sagal & Rebecca Makkai

It’s an encore of Go Fact Yourself in Chicago, now more delicious and savory than ever! Peter Sagal is the host of the NPR program “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” But his experience with trivia shows goes all the way back to when he was a contestant on “Jeopardy”… and quickly found himself in the …Read More