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Ep. 75: Alice Ripley & Lee Wilkof

Set the kettle to a full boil and put on a quality flick! It’s a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Alice Ripley is a Tony Award-winning Broadway icon, whose trailblazing performances include Side Show and Next to Normal. She recently appeared in the one-woman show, The Pink Unicorn, which is being adapted into a …Read More

Ep. 74: Freddie Wong and Erin Foley

We’re down 40-Love, but we’re gonna turn this prison escape around! It’s a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Freddie Wong is a filmmaker and host of the podcast “Story Break” right here on the Maximum Fun Network. If you haven’t heard it, Freddie and the rest of the panel improvise silly stories for movies. …Read More

Ep. 73: Ben Feldman & Lauren Ash

Can we get a price check on podcasts? It’s a new episode of Go Fact Yourself — featuring stars from the hit NBC sitcom “Superstore”! Ben Feldman is an actor known for playing quirky and lovable characters on shows like “Mad Men” and “Drop Dead Diva.” But he’ll tell us about one role that allowed …Read More

Ep. 72: Rachel Dratch & David Lindsay-Abaire

Here’s the story… of a lovely podcast! It’s a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! David Lindsay-Abaire is a playwright, lyricist and the first Pulitzer prize-winning contestant in the history of our show. He’ll tell us all about the great productions he’s made for broadway and how he managed to win such a prestigious award… …Read More

Ep. 71: Jim O’Heir & Dulcé Sloan

Do you hear the people sing? It’s another edition of Go Fact Yourself! Jim O’Heir is best known for his role as Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry on NBC’s beloved comedy “Parks & Recreation.” But despite the show’s monstrous fanbase, he says that he still hears people confuse it with another beloved NBC comedy. You can probably guess which …Read More

Ep. 70: Michael Peña & Brie Peña

Perfect your stroke and dance in Purple Rain, it’s time for Go Fact Yourself! Michael Peña is an actor whose career began with his roles in dramas like Crash and World Trade Center. But after a while he decided, much to the hesitation of his agent, that he wanted to take his career in a …Read More

Ep. 69: Eliza Skinner & Josh Gondelman

Turn up your favorite song and raise a glass, it’s time for more Go Fact Yourself! Eliza Skinner is known for her comedy and musical improvisation, but she’s also got a TV show out now on Disney+! “Earth To Ned” is a talk show with a cast made up entirely of puppets from the Jim …Read More

Ep. 68: Frank Conniff & Courtney Henggeler

Binge some classic television and brush up on your U.S. history, it’s time for another episode of Go Fact Yourself! Frank Conniff is a comedian and writer who’s made a career out of mocking bad movies. He was one of the minds behind the Peabody award-winning show “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” where he and his …Read More

Ep. 67: Wink Martindale & Arden Myrin

Out of the park and onto the stage, it’s a new Go Fact Yourself! Wink Martindale is a radio and TV legend. He got his start as a disc jockey in Memphis, Tennessee and eventually became a fixture as a game show host. He’s been the moderator of tons of shows like “Tic-Tac-Dough” and “High …Read More

Ep. 66: Jade Catta-Preta & Dave Hill

Tune up your guitar and try to write one great song… It’s a new Go Fact Yourself! Jade Catta-Preta is best known as the host of “The Soup” on the E! Network. How did she develop into such a strong lead for the show? Well it turns out that she learned english by watching talk …Read More