Ep. 122: Griffin and Rachel McElroy

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Ep. 121.75: jarrett hill & Brea Grant BOCO Preview

MaxFun Members rejoice! Soon you’ll hear an exclusive MaxFun crossover episode of Go Fact Yourself that features Jarrett Hill from “FANTI” and Brea Grant from “Reading Glasses.” This mini-episode is a special preview of that show. Plus we’ll explain our schedule for the #MaxFunDrive and how YOU can get involved. To hear our complete BoCo …Read More

Ep. 121.5: Helen’s Las Vegas Warmup … and Some Announcements!

It’s a brand new special mini-episode of Go Fact Yourself! Helen Hong delivers some stand-up comedy for our live audience in Las Vegas. Plus, she and J. Keith give you a rundown of the upcoming schedule changes in honor of the MaxFunDrive. Appearing in this episode: J. Keith van Straaten Helen Hong Theme Song by …Read More

Ep. 121: Sean Patton & Evette Dionne

**Come see our live-audience show at the Center for Inquiry in Los Angeles on February 26! Info available now now!** Feel free to excuse yourself from the room so you can listen to a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Sean Patton works hard to stand out in the crowded field of stand-up comedy. His …Read More

Ep. 120: Brad Rutter & Muffy Marracco

**Come see our live-audience show at KPCC’s Crawford Family Forum in Pasadena on February 11! Reserve your seats now!** Have an old friend for dinner and get ready for a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Brad Rutter has won more money on “Jeopardy!” than anyone in the history of the show, turning his knowledge …Read More

Ep. 119: Michael Doughty & Ting Lim

You’re on deep background for a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Mike Doughty is a singer-songwriter who’s written music as a solo artist and with the band “Ghost of Vroom.” He finds it easier to start songs than to finish them; so as an incentive to do better, he promised one new song …Read More

Ep. 118: Rose Abdoo and Ben Gleib

You might just make it after all! It’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Rose Abdoo is an actor who you can see now in HBO’s “Hacks” and Hulu’s “Reboot.” Her acting aspirations began in college – thanks to how much she hated waiting in lines to register for classes. She’ll explain. Plus …Read More

Ep. 117.5: Best of Broadway

Places, everyone! It’s time to lift the curtain on the Best of Broadway special on Go Fact Yourself! We’ve recently brought the podcast back to live audiences for the first time in two years! To celebrate, we’ve put the spotlight on some of our favorite past guests who love musicals and stage performances that were …Read More

Ep. 117: Mike Petriello & Abbi Crutchfield

Cordon off the area, this an active trivia game show scene – on a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Mike Petriello is a writer for MLB.com. He’s still buzzing from the fact that the baseball season happened – and that we got to see such a strong World Series match-up that included the …Read More

Ep. 116: Greg Wyshynski & Zainab Johnson

Come to America and bring some new recipes with you – it’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Greg Wyshynski is the Senior NHL writer for ESPN. He writes about hockey after a lifetime of being a fan of the sport; as such, he’s seen it change a lot over the years. While …Read More