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Ep. 96: Jackson Galaxy & Shalewa Sharpe

We’re on our way to where the air is sweet on a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Jackson Galaxy is the host of the TV show “My Cat From Hell.” On the show, he showcases his skills as an expert on cat behavior to help people better understand their problematic kitties. These days he …Read More

Ep. 95: Saladin Ahmed & Talia Lavin

Practice that evil laugh — it’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Saladin Ahmed is an Eisner Award-winning comic book writer who prides himself on showcasing truly lived-in worlds. He says that whether you’re writing a story set in the Marvel universe or Detroit, the little details matter. But he’s also helped affect …Read More


Meet the Neighbors: Go Fact Yourself x Depresh Mode with John Moe

Go Fact Yourself and Depresh Mode with John Moe got together to celebrate MaxFun Block Party! If you enjoyed this conversation we had with host John Moe, be sure to subscribe to Depresh Mode with John Moe on

Ep. 94: Roxane Gay & Ricky Duran

Listener beware, you’re in for a scare — It’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Roxane Gay is an award-winning writer and culture critic. Her books and blogs feature tons of biting insight that’s endeared her to millions of readers. Her best advice for aspiring professional writers? Be relentless. She’ll explain that and …Read More

Ep. 93: Bridger Winegar & Ginny Hogan

You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here — It’s a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Bridger Winegar is a writer and podcaster who’s worked on shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” Since he started as a Production Assistant, he knows the early parts of show business are …Read More

Ep. 92: Nina West & Brandon Collins

Note: due to technical difficulties, J. Keith’s audio sounds worse than usual. We’ve taken steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Grab your Batmobiles and thingamabobs, it’s a new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Nina West is a drag performer who won Miss Congeniality on the TV’s “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” Since then, she’s focused on …Read More

Ep. 91: John Fugelsang & Thao Nguyen

We’re getting the band back together and playing the hits on a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Kitty Felde fills in for Helen Hong as our special guest host for this week! She was previously a guest on episode 51. John Fugelsang can be heard every weekday on SiriusXM radio as the host …Read More

Ep. 90: Alison Leiby & Seán Devlin

Drop a dope beat and lock it in your pocket, it’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Alison Leiby is a comedian who’s written for successful shows like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” But for all her success at making people laugh, she’s actually really interested in horror… but not enough to actually watch …Read More

Ep. 89: Trace Beaulieu & Jonatha Brooke

Break out the hotdish — it’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Trace Beaulieu is best known for his time as one of the major creative forces behind the film-riffing series “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Between working on that show and being nominated for two Emmys, he’s gotten more than his fair share …Read More