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Ep. 88: David Pogue & Nancy Giles

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! David Pogue is an Emmy-winning “CBS Sunday Morning” correspondent and an author who’s written over 100 books (mostly covering science and technology). That’s given him some special insight; like why published tech instructions are so terrible. David’s newest book is …Read More

Ep. 87: Hari Sreenivasan & Jessica Yellin

You can watch a video version of this episode! Follow us on social media (@gofactyourpod) and send us a direct message to receive the link. In space, no one can hear you trivia! This brand new Go Fact Yourself was recorded as part of Politifact’s  “United Facts of America: A Festival of Fact-Checking.” Hari Sreenivasan …Read More

Ep. 86: Kate Mulvany & Josh Szeps

G’day all! It’s a brand new Australia edition of Go Fact Yourself! Kate Mulvany is best known these days for her role on Amazon Prime’s “Hunters” where she plays a Nazi-hunting nun. But one of her most acclaimed roles was Shakespeare’s Richard III. She’ll tell us about why the role was so deeply personal for …Read More

Ep. 85: Colt Cabana & Sukanya Krishnan

Off the top rope for the three count fall, it’s the reigning defending champion of trivia: Go Fact Yourself! Colt Cabana is a professional wrestler who appears every week on All Elite Wrestling on TNT. Wrestling is a little different in the middle of a pandemic; but even though he can’t be in front of …Read More

Ep. 84: Best of TV

Get settled on the couch and grab some snacks: it’s another “Best Of” edition of Go Fact Yourself! As we all were stuck inside for most of the past year, TV was one of the only sources of entertainment that didn’t go away. We’ve collected some of our favorite contestants from the early episodes of …Read More

Ep. 83: Justin McElroy & Dr. Sydnee McElroy

Make sure to listen to our second pledge break for a very special announcement that could put YOU on an episode of GFY… It’s all about that classic trio of music, movies and medicine this week on our second #MaxFunDrive episode of Go Fact Yourself! Justin McElroy’s podcast career spans multiple shows including the hugely …Read More

Ep. 82: Dave Shumka & Laura House

Go Fact Yourself is joining forces with Politifact for the United Facts of America — a (virtual) festival of fact checking — May 10-13. To get 30% off tickets to the event and to see a special video edition of Go Fact Yourself, visit and enter the promo code “FACTS2021” at checkout. And… make …Read More

Ep. 81: Lewis Black & Helen Zaltzman

Sing a Broadway hit from your favorite local landmark and get ready for the newest episode of Go Fact Yourself! Lewis Black is famous for his brand of curmudgeonly comedy. He’s been a constant presence on “The Daily Show” since it was hosted by Craig Kilborn. But despite that tenure, people are still surprised to …Read More

Ep. 80: Heidi Gardner & Orlando Leyba

Grab a roundtrip ticket and go for the gold, it’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Heidi Gardner is a cast member of “Saturday Night Live,” known for her kooky characters and celebrity impressions. Now that she’s in her fourth season with the show, she’s experienced it all. That includes some celebrity encounters …Read More

Ep. 79: Jason Benetti & Liz Feldman

This episode is sponsored in part by Cancer Support Los Angeles and their fundraising comedy game show, “Funny On Purpose” — hosted by J. Keith! Featuring scheduled guests (and former GFY guests) Ophira Eisenberg, Laraine Newman, Mindy Sterling and more! Go to to watch the show on April 1! You’ve been served some out-of-the …Read More