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Ep. 42: Jim Beaver & Erica Rhodes

Son heure pour un nouvel épisode de Go Fact Yourself*! (In case your French is a little rusty: It’s time for a new episode of Go Fact Yourself!) Jim Beaver is an actor who’s known for his roles in TV shows like, “Breaking Bad,” and, “Justified,” where he’s earned a reputation as a “tough guy”-type …Read More

Ep. 41: Jamie Kennedy & Melissa McQueen

Go Fact Yourself is coming to Chicago! Join us on August 9 & 10 at Sleeping Village. Visit for tickets and details. Our patented mind-control techniques compel you to hear this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Jamie Kennedy is a comedian and actor. He’s spent most of his life working in film and television …Read More

Ep. 40: Anthony Rapp & Jessica McKenna

Go Fact Yourself is coming to Chicago! Join us on August 9 & 10 at Sleeping Village. Visit for tickets and details. Cristela Alonzo is a comedian and former guest on Go Fact Yourself. This week, she’s stepping in as the co-host! Her new book “Music to My Years” will be out in October. …Read More

Contestants Dwayne Perkins, left, and Gaby Dunn, right. Dwayne is wearing a burgundy shirt, Gabby has glasses and a fatigue jacket.

Ep. 39: Dwayne Perkins & Gaby Dunn

It’s Go Fact Yourself…. IN SPAAAAACE! Or at least with a lot of discussion about space, plus tons of comedy and trivia! Gaby Dunn is the author of the book Bad With Money and the host of the podcast of the same name. That makes her something of an authority on personal finance. And her …Read More

Contestants Mindy Sterling, right, and Dylan Brody, left. Dylan is wearing glasses and a dark vest and blue shirt. Mindy is wearing glasses and a sweater.

Ep. 38: Mindy Sterling & Dylan Brody

Are you a true fashionista? Are you surrounded by the lore of classic comics? Do you just want to laugh and learn some great trivia? Whether you check one or all of those boxes, this episode of Go Fact Yourself is for you! Mindy Sterling is an actor who’s perhaps best known for her role …Read More

Contestants Margaret Cho, left, and Jamie Kaler, right. Margaret has a light sleeveless shirt and many tattoos on her upper arms. Jamie has a light jacket and button-up shirt.

Ep. 37: Margaret Cho & Jamie Kaler

Dolphins and music and sports, oh my! It’s a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself! Margaret Cho is a comedian and actress, known for her role in “30 Rock” as Kim Jong-il, for which she received an Emmy nomination. Margaret is also heavily tattooed, but she’ll explain why she’s ready to slow down the …Read More

Contestants Allie Goertz, left, and Jason Stuart, right. Allie is wearing a pair of dark-rim glasses and a leather jacket. Jason is wearing a sweater over a button-up shirt.

Ep. 36: Allie Goertz & Jason Stuart

This episode of Go Fact Yourself is part of a balanced breakfast of trivia and comedy! Allie Goertz is a writer who hosts the fellow Max Fun podcast “Everything’s Coming up Simpsons”. As if that didn’t give her enough funny things to surround herself with, she’s also the first woman editor for MAD Magazine! She’ll explain …Read More

Contestants Suzy Nakamura, right, and Mark L. Walberg, left. Mark is wearing a button-up shirt under a sweater. Suzy is wearing a gray sweater.

Ep. 35: Suzy Nakamura & Mark L. Walberg

It might be the most highbrow episode of Go Fact Yourself yet! Suzy Nakamura is an actor who’s been seen in shows like “Dr. Ken” and “The Goldbergs”. Her work has endeared her to a large number of fans, but she’ll explain what she’s had to correct them about an unfortunate number of times. Suzy’s …Read More

Contestants Xeni Jardin, left, and Dave Anthony, right. Xeni is wearing pink glasses with a gray sweater. Dave is wearing a ballcap and a hoodie with a drawstring.

Ep. 34: Dave Anthony & Xeni Jardin

This week’s episode of Go Fact Yourself features topics that are really scary and really funny! Dave Anthony is a comedian, but he loves making people think just as much as he loves making them laugh. He hosts the podcast “The Dollop” where he tells people about the U.S. history that they probably didn’t learn …Read More

Contestants Sara Schaefer, right, and Kurt Braunohler, left. Kurt is wearing a dark button-up shirt and dark eyeglasses. Sara is wearing a peach-colored sweater with pink hearts on it and dark-rimmed eyeglasses.

Ep. 33: Sara Schaefer & Kurt Braunohler

Grab your favorite science-fiction novel and settle into your 1400’s English outfit for this episode of Go Fact Yourself! Sara Schaefer is an accomplished comedian and writer. She won an Emmy for her time as a blogger on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” And yes, you can win an Emmy for blogging! But that was …Read More