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Ep. 122.5: J. Keith & Sarah Talk #MaxFunDrive Perks – and a Special Announcement!

We’ve got some new information on gifts and stretch goals for the #MaxFunDrive! To hear our BoCo episode – plus hundreds of hours of other bonus content – follow the instructions on this video. Plus, we’ll explain some new details about how YOU can be…

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Come join us for a live show!

We're bringing it back!

Now that things are a bit more vaccine-y out there, we're excited to bring you LIVE SHOWS again! That's right, J. Keith, Helen and all our trivia-hungry friends are ready to see YOU in person! Take a look at our slate of upcoming shows and see if you can join us for some laughs, some learning, some surprise guests...all the fun of the show, but LIVE!

May 6, 2023 at 7:00 pm

Saturday, May 6 at 7pm, Pasadena – Guests TBD

We’re coming back to LAist’s The Crawford in Pasadena! Guests & Info announced soon!

Stay tuned for event details!

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Ooo, neat, a rocket!

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