Ep. 61: John Roderick & Moujan Zolfaghari

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Happy Max Fun Drive! To celebrate we’ve brought on a pair of Max Fun podcasters.

John Roderick hosts the show “Friendly Fire.” It started out as a way to make fun of war movies; But the show has since evolved into a look at culture and humanity through film… while still finding a way to make fun of war movies. John’s new album with his band, The Western State Hurricanes. is entitled Through with Love.

Moujan Zolfaghari is one of the co-creators and voices on the improv comedy sci-fi show “Mission to Zyxx.” If you’ve never heard the show before, it’s got all the hilarious jokes from a good improv class combined with the professional sound design and cohesive story of a radio drama. Plus, she gets to play the voice of an actual spaceship!

What’s the difference: That’s so dirty

What’s the difference between obscenity and profanity?

What’s the difference between dirt and ]soil?

Areas of Expertise

John Roderick: Muscle cars, The GMC RV, the Judas Priest albums British Steel and Screaming for Vengeance.

Moujan Zolfaghari: Celebrity relationships and divorces, Farsi phrases and the movie Gremlins

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong

John Roderick

Moujan Zolfaghari

With guest experts:

Vinny Costa, editor of Street Muscle Magazine.

Joe Dante, director of hit films, including Gremlins and its sequel.

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Theme Song by Jonathan Green

Maximum Fun’s Senior Producer is Laura Swisher

The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

Mask-wearing by YOU.