Ep. 60: Ann Magnuson & Hal Lublin

From the mightiest of heroes to the worst of villains, it’s another LIVE edition of Go Fact Yourself! This time with special guest co-host Allie Goertz!

J. Keith and Allie
J. Keith and Allie

Ann Magnuson is a legendary performance artist, musician and actor. Her movie resume includes Cabin Boy and The Hunger. She’s also recently gained attention for her recent role in “Star Trek: Picard.” And that’s right… she’s actually MET Sir Patrick Stewart! She’ll share some fun stories of him on set and explore some of the lesser known parts of her filmography.

Hal Lublin is a podcaster, whose shows “Tights and Fights” and “We Got This with Mark and Hal” are on the Maximum Fun Network. They’re both shows that are built off his passions for different areas of pop culture… and his desire to be right all the time. Hal is also a voice actor. You can hear him as regular characters on the podcast “Good Morning Nightvale” and the Adult Swim show “Venture Bros.” 

Our guests will answer questions about comic books, serial killers and covert word play.

What’s the Difference: Use Your Words

What’s the difference between “use” and “utilize?”

What’s the difference between an accent and a dialect?

Areas of Expertise

Ann: German expressionism, early 1970s TV variety shows and the Manson family

Hal: The process-era Philadelphia 76ers, Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the TV show “Saturday Night Live”

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Allie Goertz

Ann and Hal
Ann and Hal

Ann Magnuson

Hal Lublin

With Guest Experts:

Matt Forbeck, New York Times bestselling author whose books include Captain America: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger.

Steve Railsback and Ann Magnuson
Steve Railsback and Ann Magnuson

Steve Railsback, actor whose credits include Broadway, film and the TV movie Helter Skelter.

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