Ep. 52: Jamie Loftus & Craig Shoemaker

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J. Keith van Straaten, Helen Hong

Jamie Loftus is a comedian and a host of “The Bechdel Cast” podcast. Her show is all about analyzing film from a feminist perspective. One movie that holds up surprisingly well under such scrutiny? Alien! She’ll explain. Plus, she’ll discuss what gives her a special edge in this trivia contest: her certification as a Mensa Genius. Jamie’s upcoming appearances can be found on her website.

Jamie will compete against her fellow comedian and feminist Craig Shoemaker. He describes his work as “comedy for the soul.” That’s not just a pun on his name; He’ll tell us about how his work has actually helped people in real life. He also has a number of personal aspirations as well, including to sing Les Miserables on Broadway. You can hear Craig on his podcast “Can I Help You?

The topics discussed include classic movies, ice rinks and the power of love.

What’s the Difference: Music history

What’s the difference between a Grammy award for “song of the year” and “record of the year”?

What’s the difference between “historic” and “historical”?

If you’d like to submit a question for our What’s the Difference round, go to gofactyourpod.com and click on “Get Involved.”

Areas of Expertise

Jamie Loftus: Chuck E. Cheese, zambonis and the collective works of Alfred Molina.

Jamie Loftus’ zamboni tattoo

Craig Shoemaker : Fatherhood, the film The Wizard of Oz and fixing people.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong

Jamie Loftus

Craig Shoemaker

With guest experts:

Joe Keeler, Jamie Loftus, Francois Martindale

Joe Keeler, Francois Martindale, ice maintenance experts for the Los Angeles Kings NHL team.

Aljean Harmetz, Craig Shoemaker

Aljean Harmetz, author of the book The Making of the Wizard of Oz.

Go Fact Yourself was devised by Jim Newman and J. Keith van Straaten, and produced in collaboration with Maximum Fun. The show was recorded at Center For Inquiry Los Angeles.

Theme Song by Jonathan Green.

Maximum Fun’s Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.

The show is edited by Julian Burrell.

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