Ep. 141: Philip Bowen & Nafis M. White

It’s a hair-raising brand-new episode of Go Fact Yourself!

In this episode…


Philip Bowen is a singer and songwriter. Many discovered him on the latest season of “America’s Got Talent,” where he played a System of a Down cover on… the violin. He’ll explain why his biggest competition on the show wasn’t from other musicians… but from dogs and children. Philip’s debut album “Old Kanawa” is out now.

Nafis M. White is an interdisciplinary artist. Her main medium? Hair! Check out her complex works that are held together only by bobby pins. She’ll tell us about how she considers the observer’s entire experience – including why the sounds, smells, and a place to sit. Nafis’s next exhibition will be in San Francisco at the Museum of the African Diaspora in March.

Areas of Expertise:

Philp: West Virginia University Mountaineers athletics, The Wheel of Time series, and coffee.

Nafis: Coach Prime Deion Sanders, Durand Bernarr’s Tiny Desk concert, and slime molds.

What’s the Difference:

Turf Tow

What is the difference between “turf” and “lawn”?

What is the difference between “tow” and “haul”?


Jed Drenning and Owen Schmitt: Former West Virginia University athletes and hosts of the “In the Gun” podcast.

Durand Bernarr: Singer, songwriter, and producer.


J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong


Theme Song by Jonathan Green.

Live Show Engineer is Jeremy Beavers

Maximum Fun’s Senior Producer is Laura Swisher.

Associate Producer and Editor is Julian Burrell.

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