Ep. 121: Sean Patton & Evette Dionne

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Sean Patton works hard to stand out in the crowded field of stand-up comedy. His new special, “Number One,” is based on a routine that he performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. With his latest work he strives to be two things: unexpected and honest. Sean will tell us how he achieves that and how he convinced comedian Michael Che to produce his special.

Evette Dionne has written a lot about how fat-phobia shows up in modern society. She’ll explain how this shows up in the field of medicine and share some advice on how to avoid unhelpful doctors and medical practices. Plus she’ll tell us how a nerdy pun helped convince her to date her future husband.

Our guests will answer trivia on the sound of music and the sound of bodily functions.

Areas of Expertise:

Sean: The band Rage Against the Machine, Charles Dickens’ novel Great Expectations, and flatulence etiquette.

Evette: Romantic comedies, hip-hop from the 1990s and 2000s, and all things Beyonce.

What’s the Difference: Helpful Hints

What’s the difference between aiding and abetting?

What’s the difference between a hint and a clue?

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong

Sean Patton in a zoom window. He has a full salt and pepper beard and is wearing a black shirt.

Sean Patton

Evette Dionne in a zoom window. She has on red glasses and a maroon shirt.

Evette Dionne

With Guest Experts

Lizzie Post in a zoom window. She is wearing a black shirt and is smiling.

Lizzie Post, author of the book Emily Post’s Etiquette – The Centennial Edition and host of the podcast “Awesome Etiquette.”

Speech in a zoom window. He has on black glasses and headphones over his ears. He's wearing a yellow beanie.

Speech, rapper and founding member of the hip-hop group Arrested Development.

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