Ep. 109: Audie Cornish & Christian Finnegan

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We’re playing the hits this week on Go Fact Yourself!

Audie Cornish made a name for herself as a longtime host on NPR. In January, she decided she was ready for a new challenge: producing audio and television content for CNN. She’ll tell us about some of the bumps in the road of her new journey and tell us the secret to conducting a good interview. Audie’s upcoming podcast will appear on CNN Audio.

Chrisitan Finnegan is a comedian who made his mark by making fun of celebrities on TV – an industry that he says has completely tanked thanks to Twitter. Christian has a new special out now called “Show Your Work.” He explains that it’s one part stand-up special and one part documentary about keeping an independent venue alive in the middle of a pandemic

Our contestants will have a trivia battle about classic comedy and masters of music.

What’s the Difference: Broken Down!

What’s the difference between “biodegradable” and “compostable”?

What’s the difference between “fix” and “repair”?

Areas of Expertise:

Audie: ‘60s-’70s Vintage Stax Records, Ethan Hawke movies, and Dystopias.

Christian: 1980s MTV, the 1993-2022 New York Knicks basketball teams, and the movie Better Off Dead.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong

Audie Cornish

Audie Cornish wearing an orange shirt and grey glasses.
Audie Cornish

Chrisitan Finnegan

Christian Finnegan wearing headphones and smiling.
Christian Finnegan

With guest experts:

Diane Franklin, actor, who’s appeared in several iconic movies, including The Last American Virgin and Better Off Dead.

Diane Franklin wearing a hat, and grey coat. She's sitting in her car and has great hair.
Diane Franklin

Sam Moore, the legendary “Soul Man,” and one part of Sam & Dave, whose long career includes several enormous hits with Stax Records

Sam Moore wearing a black shirt. He's smiling and sitting on a white chair.
Sam Moore

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