Ep. 106: Mo Rocca & Karama Horne

TV & film genres abound on a brand new episode of Go Fact Yourself!

Karama Horne is a writer and geek influencer. She’s also the host of “The Blerd Gurl Podcast” and the weekly “Blerd Gurl Live” on Twitch. A “Blerd” is a black nerd, and it’s not just a self-identification; Karama has spent a lot of time looking for other black people who are fans of the things she loves. Karama’s upcoming book Black Panther: Protectors of Wakanda is available for pre-order now.

Mo Rocca is an Emmy-winning correspondent for “CBS Sunday Morning.” He’s known for being well-versed in a variety of very specific subjects (“obscure presidential history,” anyone?). He also has a lifelong fascination with obituaries. You can learn more about that in his podcast and book on the subject, both titled “Mobituaries.” Oh, and he met the Pope!

Our guests will answer trivia on stories of dystopian futures and oil-rich pasts.

What’s the Difference: Sleeping pills

What’s the difference between being tired and feeling fatigued?

What’s the difference between a dose and dosage?

Areas of Expertise:

Mo: TV shows of 1982, Barbara Streisand before 1985, and Chanel’s best selling fragrances of 1992.

Karama: The anime “Ghost in the Shell,” the K-Pop group Shinee, and mason jars.

Appearing in this episode:

J. Keith van Straaten

Helen Hong

Mo Rocca

Karama Horne

With guest experts:

Richard Epcar and Crispin Freeman: prolific voice actors whose roles include the lead roles in the anime “Ghost in the Shell.”

Charlene Tilton and Joan Van Ark: actors whose many accomplishments include playing mother and daughter on the TV show “Dallas,” its reboot, and its spin-off.

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